Blog Content: How To Write Quality Blog Content People Want To Share (Writing Shareable Content Is Vital To Your Success)

There are plenty of blogs offering inspiration and support for starting your blog with a bang.

They offer good advice. The most popular posts (articles) on their blogs are the posts which give tips and techniques for getting started with launch articles: Articles that welcome visitors to your new blog that inspire, entertain and engage.

These launch articles are defined as:


1. The welcome article.

2. The round-up article.

3. The review article.


You’ll find writing these 3 blog articles will help you to create shareable content as Corbett Barr of and explains is the way to success with blogging, and he should know because he’s created several successful blogs to date (as well as helped others do the same too).

Writing blog content that people want to share is the way to success, especially. as Google is raising the bar and improving content on the internet, directing bloggers towards being more geared towards the social side of the internet, thus giving weight to Corbett Barr’s assertion that

“shareable content is the engine that drives … blog traffic

Advice like this will give you a step-up the ladder in the ranks of blogs on the internet. I’ve learned a lot from following this advice.

However, What I think is missing from this advice is the step-by-step how to” write content that people want to share.

How exactly do you start to create quality content that people want to share?

Part of why I started is because I wanted to share my expertise in writing content and copy in a way that inspires you to feel that you too can write quality content, and write it in a way that people want to share.

I’ve felt overwhelmed too. There’s so much information out there about how and where to start creating content, building blogs and optimising your blogs, you can sometimes feel left in the middle of the crossroads not knowing which way to go.

So I’ve taken on board the advice about what kinds of content to produce and I’ve added some practical, straight-forward advice on how to create this content. You can discover this advice right here in the articles you read on

Here’s how to start the ball rolling for you and your own blog content …


Read the following articles that I’ve found helpful in getting my own blog started successfully and understanding the process of what it takes to create a blog which becomes a place where your common bond niche can recognise as a “go-to” place where they get solutions to problems they want solved (the key to enjoying a successful blog)…


5 Tips for Creating Shareable Blog Content at by Amy Porterfield

Who Are You Talking To? at (blog) by Lisa Irby

How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes at by Jim Estill

5 Extraordinary Blog Posts That Will Grow Your Audience Faster at by Corbett Barr 

 And then …


for a more insight in to how to put the techniques you discover inside these articles, check out my FREE eMail Course. This FREE eMail Course will …


  • Show you how to capture visitors to your blog.
  • Give you vital techniques for how to draw visitors in AND keep them coming back for more.
  • Show you how to grow your list of hungry buyers fast.
  • Show you how to build rapport with visitors.
  • Let you in on secrets for how to really optimize your blog for making sales (you’ll love these!).
  • Show you techniques for blogging success that actually work.


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  1. Tom
    2 years ago

    Thank-you Francis. Looking forward to hearing about your success after you’ve taken this action.

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